One Mobile, One Minute, One Film

The French Film Festival UK continues its collaboration with the Paris-based Mobile Film Festival, by showcasing a selection of 12 films from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Exclusively shot on mobile phone or tablet, and lasting no more than one minute long, these films highlight themes of hope, dreams, the search for a better life, environmental concerns, kindness, and also harsh realities of today’s socio-economic, political climate.

In the words of Bruno Smadja, founder of the Mobile Film Festival:

“This edition, 100% African, aligns perfectly with the festival’s mission and values. As the world’s youngest continent with a digital transformation revolving around the mobile phone, Africa is conquering the world through its creativity and youthfulness. The Mobile Film Festival wishes to support the blooming of this talented youth.”  

More than $46,000 in grants was awarded to the winners, to support their film-making projects, and develop skills.

Check out the complete playlist for Mobile Film Festival Africa Selection.

If you wish to view more, or find out how to take part, visit:

I Have A Dream Too

The testimony of a boy who looks after his family. Grand Prize Africa.

Director: Sunday Mapya | France

Like A Matchstick / زي عود الكبریت

There cannot be honour in any crime. Best Script Award.  

Director: SamiI skander | Egypt

A Beggars Dream / Yakaru Talibé

Every child dreams, even a Talibe. Best Actor Award.

Director: Cheikh Sidate Niang | Senegal

Life in Pink / La Vie en rose

What happens after this influencer switches her camera off? African Female Director + Best Actor Award.

Directors: Vanessa Pellegrin | Morocco

Human Migrant / Migrant humain

A family tries to cross a border, seeking refuge for a better life, trying to survive. Inspired by a true story and acted by real migrants. Best Actor Award.

Director: Kamal Tahtah | Morocco

The Guardian of the Wells / Le Gardien des murs

Scenes in a traditional Moroccan house that has long been forgotten and neglected, seen through the eyes of a child. Grand Prize Morocco.

Director: Kamal Lougleb | Morocco  

The Peninsula Dream / Le Rêve d’une presqu’île

It may be an impossible undertaking for one person, but together we can all commit to looking after our environment. French Speaking Film Award.

Director: Nelly Brun Elvire Behanzin | Benin


A tribute to a grandmother who fights disease with her own inner creativity. Documentary Film Award.

Director: Bongani Ndaba | SouthAfrica

Runners 3 Cape

A tongue-in-cheek comedy about migration.

Director: Emmanuel Ochwo | Uganda

Password / PAASWAAA

What is this man trying to escape from? ACP – EU Culture Award.

Director: Shandra Daisy Apondi | Kenya

Nature’s Heroes / Les Héros de la nature

e can all become heroes of nature – like the people who clear rubbish in Kinshasa. Best film from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Director: Gael Bolila | Democratic Republic of the Congo

Luggage Aunties / Tanties Bagages

A “Luggage Auntie” works to help her parents in a Côte d’Ivoire market.

Director: haAnnick-Aimée Kouamé | Côte-d’Ivoire