Four award-winning films from
Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival


The Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival kicked off this week, showcasing a selection of the latest Spanish features, documentaries and shorts. From this packed programme, we’ve selected our favourite five. Included in the line-up is Lucía Alemany’s The Innocence. The Festival is running until 25 October. We hope you enjoy the films.

Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival is back this October (until the 25th) with their 7th edition. Due, of course, to Covid-19 restrictions, this year will be a unique online experience. This means that you can join in from wherever you are in the UK!

Women Film Directors are the highlight of this year’s edition – focussing on women who observe, participate and evaluate. Make sure to catch The Innocence (Lucía Alemany).

They are also hosting CartasVivas – an audio-visual project focussing on the voices of 20th century women. As always, they will be showcasing new directors and their debut films. Be sure to catch Camila Urrutia with Gunpowder Heart, and Polo Menárguez introducing The Plan.

Tickets are on sale now: 1 film x £5, Packs 5 films x £20, Festival Pass x £40. The films will be available for 24 or 48 hours on their programmed days (depending on the title). Packs and Festival Passes will be on sale until Sunday the 11th – grab them before they go!

ESFF shares a vibrant and varied programme suited for all ages and tastes: there will be 11 feature films, 5 documentaries, and 7 short films, as well as Q&As and panel discussions with selected filmmakers and actors.

Why not take a look at their programme of screenings to see what you fancy watching? Also, watch out for that great Spanish actress Carmen Maura in My Family and the Wolf as part of this year’s French Film Festival.


The Shortest Afternoon


Tarde en corto – Premios Pávez

Selection of short films

Saturday 10 October
Available for 48 hours

A selection of seven short films that were screened at the “Premios Pávez” Film Festival in Talavera de la Reina. Entranced, we will fly from country to country; we will travel through Don Quixote’s Spain, experience the excitement of childhood, and the pain of harassment and discrimination; we will board a train where nothing is what it seems, and will land in the hustle-bustle of modern life. Emotion, love and humour will blend together in a perfect afternoon.




Gunpowder Heart


Pólvora en el corazón

Dir Camila Urrutia

Thursday 16 October
Available for 48 hours

Claudia and María explore the streets of Guatemala City on a motorcycle. A city of chaos, corruption and noise, but also a city of character and charm. Claudia is temporarily living with her grandfather, a former guerrilla fighter. María lives in a depressing suburb with her mother. One fateful night changes everything for them. Claudia will have to decide whether to accompany María in her plans for revenge, or to follow a peaceful way out.


Dir Camila Urrutia | Cast Andrea Henry, Vanessa Hernández, Mauricio González, Danilo Cardona |  2020 | Spain | 89 mins | Spanish with English subtitles.


The Innocence


La inocència

Dir Lucía Alemany

Thursday 22 October
Available for 48 hours

Lis is a teenage girl whose dream is to become a circus artist and leave the small village she calls her hometown, although she knows that doing so will involve a bitter confrontation with her parents. It’s summertime and Lis spends her days hanging out on the village streets with her friends and flirting with her boyfriend, Nestor, who is a few years older than her. The lack of privacy and endless gossiping among the neighbours compel Lis to keep her relationship with Nestor a secret to ensure that her parents don’t find out. When the idyllic summer comes to an end, Lis will have to fight to secure her independence and overcome the challenges that adulthood brings.



Dir Lucía Alemany | Cast Carmen Arrufat, Laia Marull, Sergi López  | 2019 | Spain | 92 mins | Spanish with English subtitles.

The Plan


El plan

Dir Polo Menárguez

Saturday 24 October
Available for 48 hours

It’s 9am on a hot, summer morning in a neighbourhood of Madrid. Paco, Ramon and Andrade, three friends – unemployed since the company they worked for shut down- have arranged to meet to carry out their plan. When all three of them are finally there, an unexpected setback stops them from leaving the house: the car they were relying on has broken down. As they look for alternative transport arrangements, the friends will find themselves caught up in a series of uncomfortable discussions, that will slowly uncover a set of truths and questions leading to personal suffering that will change their friendship forever. Meanwhile, each second that passes gets them further and further away from executing their plan.



Dir Polo Menárguez | Cast Antonio de la Torre Raúl, Arévalo Chema del Barco | 2019 | Spain | 79 mins | Spanish with English subtitles.




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