25th anniversary re-release of La Haine 

To mark 25 years since its original release, La Haine is back in cinemas in the UK and Ireland with a new 4K restoration. By Mathieu Kassovitz, this explosive French crime thriller wowed audiences during its original release.

It’s available to watch now at a cinema near you. For a list of participating cinemas, just visit the BFI website. We hope you enjoy it.


La Haine


La Haine (15)

Dir Mathieu Kassovitz

Based on real events, La Haine focuses on three friends over the course of one day in the housing estates of suburban Paris in the aftermath of a riot. With tension in the air and the police on constant surveillance, it’s not long before prejudice and hostility turn into violence, with tragic consequences.

Mathieu Kassovitz’s bold and inventive film, beautifully shot by Pierre Aïm, may be 25 years old, but in terms of its themes of social and economic divide and urban discontent, it feels just as fresh and relevant now.


“Chucks a Molotov cocktail through the sedate window-front of modern French cinema”
– The Independent –

Dir Mathieu Kassovitz | Cast Vincent Cassel, Hubert Koundé, Saïd Taghmaoui | 1995 | France | 98 mins | French with English subtitles.



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