A selection of FREE French short films

This week, we’re bringing you another great selection of short films – all available to watch for free on YouTube. They’re all by directors who have had features or shorts which have been screened at the Festival. Included in the line up is an exclusive interview with Michel Ocelot whose Dilili in Paris was screened last year. 


Fierrot le pou


Fierrot le pou

Dir Mathieu Kassovitz

A young man shoots hoops in an empty gym. He misses constantly. A young woman arrives to practice. She rarely misses. He’s white, she’s black. At times, she glances at him and smiles. He’s fully aware of her presence and his lack of talent. Is there any way he can impress her? His imagination takes over.

First feature film directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, whose restored 1995 landmark film La Haine opens in UK cinemas next month.

Dir Mathieu Kassovitz | 1990 | France | 8 mins | No dialogue.




In the Darkness of Time


Dans le noir du temps

Dir Jean-Luc Godard

Godard’s contribution to the collective film, Ten Minutes Older – The Cello in which eight celebrated directors (including Bernardo Bertolucci and Claire Denis) explore the notion of time. Godard’s In the Darkness of Time is a visual reflection of the nature of time.

His The Image Book screened at the 2018 French Film Festival UK.

Dir Jean-Luc Godard | 2002 | UK, Germany, France | 10 mins | French with English subtitles.


The Big Pool


Le grand bain

Dir Valérie Leroy

Thirty-year-old Mia, just separated from her husband, is moving into a studio flat in a tower block. Noticing her swimming trophies, the caretaker asks her to teach him to swim. He spreads the word and neighbours soon ask to join in. Only one hitch – the local pool is closed.

Olhares Do Mediterrâneo Film Festival (2017)
Winner: Audience Award.

Valérie Leroy presented her César nominated short film Let Me Dance in Edinburgh at last year’s Festival.

Dir Valérie Leroy | 2016 | France |16 mins | French with English Subtitles.





Dir Fabrice Bracq 


Dr. Semyc is a specialist in a widespread disease for which there is no cure to date. Announcing the result of tests to the patient is a delicate exercise which he masters to perfection, before calling in the next person in the waiting room.

Parisian Seasons in Saint Petersburg, Russia (2014)
Winner: Best Director.

Just Retired, Fabrice Bracq’s first feature-length film, was presented by the director at last year’s Festival.

Dir Fabrice Bracq | 2013 | France | 8 mins | French with English subtitles.


The Legend of the Poor Hunchback


La Légende du pauvre bossu

Dir Michel Ocelot


Animation. A stream of wealthy suitors woo a beautiful princess; a poor hunchback brings flowers to try to win her heart. Pushed back again and again and ridiculed by the crowd, something changes after he is stabbed in the back.

César Awards (1983)
Winner: César Best Short Film – Animation.

Dir Michel Ocelot | 1982 | France | 8 mins | No dialogue.


Interview with Michel Ocelot




The Legend of the Poor Hunchback director Michel Ocelot’s César-winning feature animation Dilili in Paris, was screened at last year’s Festival.

Watch an exclusive interview with Michel in this 2013 French Film Festival UK documentary.



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