Aïlo’s Journey

Aïlo: Une odyssée en Laponie (N/C 12A+)

Dir Guillaume Maidatchevsky


Follow the adventures of young reindeer Aïlo in his first year, as he learns to survive in the frozen taiga landscape of Lapland. Guided by his mother, he takes his tentative first steps, and finds his way in the icy terrain, inhabited by creatures large and small, both friend and foe. Aïlo follows the herd on their year-long trek to the Arctic Circle, the magnificent cinematography allowing us to share in his every adventure, as he adapts to the behaviour of the wild. From wolves, to scurrying lemmings, to bears, to wolverines and elks, the film introduces us to the vast array of creatures and also alludes to the impact of climate change on their lives.

Director Guillaume Maidatchevsky | 2019 | France/Finland | 86 mins | French with English subtitles

“Stunningly beautiful nature film, shot in live action.”

– Sydney Morning Herald –