Lola vers la mer (N/C 15+)

Dir Laurent Micheli


Just when Lola, 18 years old and transgender, learns that she can finally have surgery her mother, her only financial support, passes away. Abiding by her mother’s last wishes, Lola and her father, who have a thorny relationship and have not seen each other for two years, have to undertake a journey to the Belgian coast. They realise the outcome of the journey may not be the one they were both expecting…

Cast Benoît Magimel, Mya Bollaers
Director Laurent Micheli | 2019 | France/Belgium | 90 mins | Int sales Les Films du Losange | UK Distrib Peccadillo

“A tender portrait of two lost souls who fight against the demons, and struggle to forgive and be forgiven.”

– Cineuropa –