In the Name of the Land

Au nom de la terre (N/C 15+)

Dir Édouard Bergeon


An intimate family drama set against a backdrop of agricultural strife. This is also an extremely personal endeavour for first-time feature director Édouard Bergeon, who tells the story of his own father – a proud paysan who struggled for decades to keep his business alive and paid a high price for doing so. Canet portrays the downward spiral of Pierre Jarjeau, a man of the terroir who takes over the farm from his cruel and unforgiving father, Jacques (Rufus). Rather than letting his son inherit the property, Jacques forces him to buy it from him using a bank loan. In the ensuing years, Pierre is bled dry as he tries to make ends meet and pay off the mounting debt.

Cast Guillaume Canet, Veerle Baetens, Anthony Bajon, Rufus, Samir Guesmi
Director Édouard Bergeon | 2019 | France | 103 mins | Int sales Wild Bunch / Print IFcinéma

“Gut-wrenching cri de coeur about the ways rural life and agricultural methods have changed.”

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Richmond The Station Cinema Sat 5 Dec (14:30) & Wed 16 Dec (14:00)