Larger than life in all conceivable ways, Gérard Depardieu can be a disruptive, unsteadying presence in films which fail to cater to the fact that he brings generous helping of Depardieu to any role he plays. Constance Meyer’s highly enjoyable Critics’ Week opener Robuste not only takes this on board, it runs with it, casting Depardieu as Georges, an ageing French actor with a tendency to crash motorbikes and to embark on drunken misadventures. “France without meat isn’t France,” he grumbles at one point, which is possibly the most Depardieu thing that anyone has ever said. The film’s secret weapon, however, is Déborah Lukumuena, supremely assured as Aïssa, the temporary security guard with whom Georges forges a grudging friendship.

Director: Constance Meyer
Cast: Gérard Depardieu, Déborah Lukumuena, Lucas Mortier, Megan Northam, Florence Janas, Steve Tientcheu

2021 | France | 95 mins | UK distributor 606 

“An act of inter-generational generosity and mutual elevation between one of France’s most accomplished films stars, and one of its blazing newest.” Variety

CHICHESTER CINEMA AT NEW PARK Thu 2 Dec (15:30) & Fri 3 Dec (20:45)

EDINBURGH DOMINION   Tue 30 Nov (18:00)

GLASGOW FILM THEATRE  Thu 18 Nov (20:45)

RICHMOND THE STATION CINEMA  Sun 14 Nov (19:30); Wed 17 Nov (14:00);  Mon 22 Nov (14:00) & Wed 24 Nov (19:45)

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