Teenage dreamer Ibrahim lives in a housing estate on the outskirts of Paris with his serious, reserved father, Ahmed, with whom he has a difficult relationship. Involved by his best friend Achille in an ill-fated shoplifting scam, he is busted by security and lands his father with an unexpected and sizeable debt, jeopardizing his father’s career plans and dreams of regaining dignity. Now Ibrahim is prepared to do whatever it takes to make amends and – at last – to gain his father’s respect. In order to better understand the complexity of father-son relationships and the difficulty of expressing emotions, Samir Guesmi (working as actor and director) has chosen to create a quiet and modest film that invites the viewer to discover the characters through their gestures and daily lives. Winner of Grand Jury Prize at the Premiers Plans Festival in Angiers.

Director: Samir Guesmi
Cast: Samir Guesmi, Abdel Bendaher, Luana Bajrami, Rabah Nait Oufella, Philippe Rebbot

2021 | France| 78 mins | Int sales Wild Bunch 

“Trouble between a father and son in a dissatisfied Maghreb community forms the stony, silent heart of IbrahimFilm Forward

LEICESTER PHOENIX Sat 13 Nov (18:00)


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