FFF Recommends

Paris Calligrammes

29 AUGUST 2021     Ulrika Ottinger’s Paris Calligrammes In cinemas now         Paris Calligrammes / Paris Calligrammes   Documentary. Director and artist Ulrike Ottinger gives the personal documentary a historical turn: a memoir of the 1960s, centred on her life in Paris from 1962 featuring her encounters with Dadaist and Surrealist artists, her trips to the Cinémathèque française, Claude Lévi-Strauss’s lectures and her friends’ political activism, all

Night of the Kings

7 AUGUST 2021     Spectacular thriller Night of the Kings In cinemas and online now         Night of the Kings / La Nuit des rois   Spectacular, thrilling, and a beautiful ode to the power of storytelling – a young man sent to a prison in the middle of the Ivorian forest finds it ruled by its inmates, with the elderly, ailing Black Beard at its head.


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