FFF Recommends

FFF Recommends: TV5MONDEplus

9 May 2022     Great coming-of-age cinema Available FREE on TV5MONDEplus!   To celebrate the Cannes Film Festival later this month, our friends at TV5MONDEplus are screening a unique selection of coming-of-age films previously shown at Cannes. Best of all they’re free and available to watch throughout May from the comfort of home.       How to watch TV5MONDEplus Exclusively on the App and on tv5mondeplus.com. Programmes that move with the times, on-demand and are

FFF Recommends: Paris 13th District

19 March 2022     Paris, 13th District Available in cinemas & online NOW!       Paris, 13th District / Les Olympiades (18)   Dir Jacques Audiard Jacques Audiard trains his lens on the brutalist apartment towers of the 13th arrondissement, known as the Chinatown of Paris, where he once lived. Shot during the pandemic, and predominantly in black-and-white, it follows Émilie, Camille, Nora and Amber – four young adults

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