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The French Film Festival UK continues its collaboration with the Paris-based Mobile Film Festival by focussing on a selection of short films available to view online. The theme #ACT NOW ON CLIMATE CHANGE illuminates the concerns of the Cop26 Conference in Glasgow. More than 800 budding filmmakers from 91 countries responded to the call by submitting shorts of just one minute long and shot on mobile phones or tablets.


The #ACT NOW ON CLIMATE CHANGE films inspired students from Edinburgh College of Art to produce posters to evoke the themes and here are two of the winning designs: Scream by Bryce Starks-Browning  and Wallet by Yennnie Wong (winner of the audience award).

Other winners were: Switch by Marley Theobald and Boribanan by Cammy Boyle.

Scream by Bryce Starks-Browning Wallet by Yennnie Wong



Bruno Smadja, founder of the Mobile Film Festival, says: “The brief is always the same – one minute, one mobile, one film: one mobile to make it the most accessible possible, to get rid of every financial constraint to make a film, so everybody can participate. But not everybody can make a good film, so we have to be very selective. That’s why you have to be a very good storyteller to work on that.” The ideas speak to current issues, encouraging the viewer to reconsider every action they take, from where they throw their rubbish to the amount of clothes they buy or conserving water. Watch the TEN TITLES  here after viewing the trailer for the next themed MFF selection Making Peace With Nature 


Act Now


Close the Tap

The planet is sending us clear messages. We must act NOW!

Director: Artem Kirilkin | Russia

Humans and ants carry on walking, working, moving, living, until the moment when in a flash, everything changes. Winner, Best Director Award.

Directors: Vinamra Pancharia, Monika Sharma | India

Water scarcity is one of the main problems caused by climate change today.

Director: Rafael Franco | Peru


Real Life


Let’s Be Eco-Responsible

The climate situation is critical, but it is vital to keep hope alive and fight for ecological renewal.

Director: Dilfiandi | Indonesia


Climate change. We hear about it. We see it happening. But still, some people do nothing about it. Grand Prize France.

Director: Gonzague Legout | France


The climate situation is urgent. Every action counts on an individual and collective scale to try to reverse the trend.

Director: Kodjo Emile Vitus Tossou | Togo



The Father of Trees


Water one day becomes the international currency. International Grand Prize.

Director: Fatima Nofely | Iran


This poetic Iranian film perfectly illustrates how we can work with nature, reflecting the latest Mobile Film Festival theme “Making Peace with Nature”.

Director: Teymour Ghaderi | Iran


Two best buddy bottles on “Vacation” find themselves on an unknown beach and to their surprise an old friend turns up – after quite a journey to get there.
Winner, Screenplay Award.

Directors: Christopher Axworthy, Robert Peacock | France


The Red Days / Les jours rouges 

Green dreams to beat the red days.
Winner, Audience Award.

Director: Anatole Levilain-Clément | France


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