29 November 2019

French Film Festival UK held a special sixties event at Summerhall to celebrate the screening of François Armanet’s Oh les Filles!.  The documentary told the untold story of France’s female rock stars and featured names such as Christine and the Queens and Vanessa Paradis.  After the screening there was a sixties dance night with music from Edinburgh band The Regals.

Band: The Regals
Moderators: Ilona Morison & Richard Mowe
Photos: Scottie Anderson & Esther Cacace-Soret

Introducing our special Sixties event at Summerhall.
Audience lining up for the screening of Oh les Filles in the Red Lecture Theatre.
Audience in the Red Lecture Theatre waiting for the screening to begin.
The audience eagerly await the start of the music.
 The Regals all set up and ready to go!
The Regals performing after the screening of Oh les Filles!
 (Left to right) Festival crew: Gael Schenegg, Esther Logé and Neil McLeod.
 Members of the audience enjoying music by The Regals.
The Regals kept everyone entertained with music all evening.


Festival intern and one of our photographers for the evening, Esther Cacace-Soret.


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