gu-bouliBouli Lanners, Belgian actor, screenwriter and director, lives in Liège with his wife Elise Ancion, a costume designer who will accompany him. As a director, his film Ultranova (2005) received a Berlin Film Festival award. Eldorado (2007) and The Giants (2016) received prizes at the Cannes Film Festival. He will present his fourth film as a director The First The Last which has received the Label Europa Cinema accolade and an Ecumenical Jury prize.

Film: The First The Last

Edinburgh Filmhouse Thu 17 Nov 20:30
Glasgow Film Theatre Fri 18 Nov 18:10
Dundee DCA Sat 19 Nov 18:00


gu-luchiniEmma Luchini, daughter of the celebrated actor Fabrice Luchini, began her career by taking art classes and then worked as a graphic designer. After making her first feature Sweet Valentine starring Vincent Elbaz in 2010, she directed La femme de Rio with Nicolas Rey, and won the César Award for Best Short Film in 2015. For her second feature My Men which she will introduce, she cast her father.

Film: My Men

Ciné Lumière Wed 9 Nov 18:30
Edinburgh Filmhouse Thu 10 Nov 20:30
Glasgow Film Theatre Fri 11 Nov 18:10


gu-mockyJean-Pierre Mocky has had a chequered career as a director, actor, screenwriter and producer. After working with Luchino Visconti on Senso (1954), he decided to shoot Les Dragueurs (1959) and this first film was a success. Mocky works with few resources and shoots quickly. Many of the stellar talents of French cinema have played in his films, among them Bourvil, Fernandel, Michel Simon, Michel Serrault, and Catherine Deneuve. He has made more than 100 features.

Film: Kill the Referee!


Edinburgh Filmhouse      Fri 11 Nov 18:00 + Skype Q&A
Glasgow Film Theatre      Sat 12 Nov 17:40 + Skype Q&A
London Regent Street Cinema      Sun 13 Nov 17:30 + Skype Q&A


gu-lemaireJérôme Le Maire studied at the École Louis-Lumière, and then began to direct short films under the pseudonym of Jérôme Le Gris. His first feature-length film, Requiem pour une tueuse (2011), tells the story of Lucrèce, a hitman and hired killer. He will present his latest film Premiers crus set in a vineyard in Burgundy, which has belonged to the same family since the French Revolution. The owner, however, loses interest in the property and runs up a lot of debt, until his son, an esteemed oenologist, is persuaded to help get the vineyard back on track.

Film: First Growth

Glasgow Film Theatre Sun 20 Nov 19:30
Edinburgh Filmhouse Mon 21 Nov 17:50


gu-rappJulien Rappeneau (the son of Jean-Paul Rappeneau who made Cyrano), is a screenwriter and director. He has written the scripts for dozens of films and was twice nominated for the César for Best Screenplay for Bon Voyage by his father (2004) and 36 quai des Orfèvres by Olivier Marchal (2005). He will present his first film, Rosalie Blum, the score for which was written by his brother Martin.

Film: Rosalie Blum

London Regent Street Cinema Mon 7 Nov 18:30


gu-pagnolNicolas Pagnol is the grand-son of Marcel Pagnol. He was born in Paris and as he says, “he is a fan of his grand-father”. He took over Pagnol père’s  Compagnie méditerranéenne des films and took on the task of restoring the ageless classic which is the Trilogy.



Film: Marius/Fanny/César

London Regent Street Cinema Sun 13 Nov 14:00


daniellearbidbrfk-hlkrhm Danielle Arbid was born in Lebanon in 1970 but left when she was 17 during the Civil War. She came in Paris to study literature and journalism and firstly worked as a journalist. Having never studied film in school, Arbid says her inspiration comes from “art, photography, people in the street and of course film”. At London Barbican she plans to present her new film Parisienne, which won the Académie Lumière foreign press prize as well as other awards.

Film: Parisienne

Appearance: London Barbican Centre  Thu 17 Nov 18:15


arthur_harari_festival_m_0 After two shorts and a feature, Artur Harari (son of French actor Clément Harari) directs Dark Inclusion, a tight thriller set in the Diamond world of Antwerp.

Film: Dark Inclusion


Edinburgh Filmhouse      Sun 13 Nov 20:30 
Glasgow Film Theatre     Mon 14 Nov 20:00 
London Regent Street Cinema      Tues 15 Nov 20:45 






Added Screenings

Hereford Courtyard

Wed 7 Dec 17:00 Cezanne et moi

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Sat 19 Nov 13:10. Cezanne et moi
Sun 20 Nov 13:10 Come What May/ En mai, fais ce qu’il te plait NEW SCREENING



The online brochure above is more up to date than your paper copy. For all up to the minute information about schedules, always check with your local cinema.
Have a great festival!


Corrections from the printed brochure

The downloadable brochure above is up to date as of 1 November 2016.

Here are the corrections for those of you who picked up a paper brochure from your cinema:

p.28 & 49 Aberdeen Belmont Tour de France is at 20:00.

p 48 Filmhouse Tue 15 Nov 18:30 A Journey Through French Cinema / Voyage à travers le cinéma français + intro by Martine Pierquin.

p 50 Barbican Red Turtle Sun 20 Nov 14:00

p 23 & 51 Leeds Red Turtle starts at 15:45

p 39 & 47 Belmont Aberdeen has new screening of Le nouveau  on Wed 9 and Thu 17 Nov

p 47 & 49 Belmont Aberdeen Learn by Hert (schools) on Thu 10 Nov

p 14 & 50   JW3 Fanny’s journey is at 20:30 not 20:00 

p 12 & 51 Hereford Courtyard Cezanne et moi (new screening) Wed 7 Dec 17:00


Phantom Boy: credits should be:
Actors: Fred Armisen, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jared Padalecki, Marcus D'angelo, Dana Snyder, Melissa Disney

Directors Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli; Screenwriter Alain Gagnol


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