11 Nov: Screening of Indochine at Edinburgh Filmhouse

At a packed Filmhouse screening of Indochine Oscar-winning director Regis Wargnier revealed how he struggled to set up the production 25 years ago, despite having Catherine Deneuve involved as the central character Eliane Devries, a role that chimed with her status as an icon of the French Republic. Today he thinks it wouldn’t happen at all. Wargnier and Deneuve returned to Vietnam last year to present Indochine as part of the Hanoi International Film Festival for the first time – 25 years after it was made. In conversation with French Film Festival UK director Richard Mowe he recalled shooting Man to Man in Edinburgh depicting the anthropological search for the “Missing Link.” With a cast of Joseph Fiennes, Hugh Bonneville, Iain Glen. He remains mystified why it never found a release in the UK. Wargnier currently is working on restorations of Une femme française and East/West  and has a novel due for publication next year entitled Le prix d’excellence.   which originally was shown in the first French Film Festival, can be seen today in Wargnier’s presence today at GFT at 13.00 Institut Français d’Ecosse uniFrance

Images by Suzi Kerr on location at Prestonfield House and Filmhouse followed by dinner at Le Di-Vin and La P’tite Folie

In conversation with Richard Mowe
Portraits by Suzi Kerr in Prestonfield House in Edinburgh  



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