FROM 1 JUNE 2020

More award-winning short films available online

We’re bringing you another selection of FREE award-winning short films.  Included in the line-up is Recaimer, which we featured in our Short Cuts programme during the 2018 Festival.  We hope you enjoy the films.




Dir Christophe Saber 


Proposed by Salaud Moriset, short film distribution company, one of French Film Festival UK’s partner distributors.

A father loses patience when his little girl helps herself to sweets in a supermarket. He tells her off again, a bystander becomes involved, then a crowd gathers, and chaos sets in…

Winner, Best Short, Swiss Film Prize (2014).
Many other international festival wins and official selections.

Dir Christophe Saber | 2014 | Switzerland | 12 mins | French with English subtitles.



Dir Jean Chaffard-Luçon

Nils has just bought a Récamier chaise longue. He is so pleased with it that he invites his friends, Pierre and Anaïs round to see it and meet Tess, his new girlfriend. Then events take an expected turn halfway through the evening..

Featured in the Short Cuts Programme, French Film Festival (2018).

Dir Jean Chaffard-Luçon | 2017 | France | 15 mins | French with English subtitles.

Thermostat 6

Thermostat 6

Dirs Maya Av-Ron, Mylène Cominotti, Marion Coudert, Sixtine Dano

Sunday lunch with the family, and Diane can’t ignore the water dripping on to the table any longer. Others seem oblivious, interested only in the food while she becomes more and more anxious.

Official Selection, Berlin International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth (Kuki) 2019.
Official Selection, Anima, Belgium 2019.

Dirs Maya Av-Ron, Mylène Cominotti, Marion Coudert, Sixtine Dano | 2018 | France | 5 mins | French with English subtitles.

5.80 Metres

5,80 Metres

Dir Nicolas Deveaux

Mesmerising, beautiful, perfectly in time with the music – giraffes fly, dive, rise up again for more. Animation, 3-D.

Winner, Best Short Film, International Sound & Film Music Film Festival, 2013.

Dir Nicolas Deveaux | 2012 | France | 6 mins | No dialogue.

17 April 18:12

17 Avril 18h12

Dir Mathieu César

In a vast airport hangar-like space books and books and more books – in rows, piles, boxes, everywhere the eye can see. A man lives his life within that space with no sense of confinement, serene, absorbed, wanting for nothing else. Shot in black & white.

Lockdown short film specially commissioned by MK2 from acclaimed photographer Mathieu César as part of their Trois Couleurs Home Film Festival – a daily selection of iconic films, interviews, articles and much more.   

Dir Mathieu César | 2020 | France | 8 mins | French with English subtitles.


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