Fanny’s Journey / Le Voyage de Fanny (PG)

fannyPoignant story of a brave and resourceful young girl leading a small band of orphans through Nazi-occupied Europe. Based on the autobiography of Fanny Ben Ami, the journey starts in 1939. After the arrest of her father in Paris, Fanny and her younger sisters, Erica and Georgette, are sent to a refectory for Jewish children. For a time, she and her new friends are safe, but the war catches up with them soon enough, forcing them to flee. Fanny, now all of 13, has always relied on adults to take care of her, but as Mussolini’s Italy collapses and the chaos of war closes in, Fanny has to be the adult for a group of eight children.
Cast Léonie Souchaud, Cécile de France, Stéphane De Groodt, Fantine Harduin, Juliane lepoureau
Director Lola Doillon I 2016 I 95mins I Int Sales Indiesales

Edinburgh Filmhouse     Sun 13 Nov 15:40

Chichester Cinema at New Park     Tue 22 Nov 21:00 & Wed 23 Nov 17:00

Aberdeen Belmont Filmhouse    Sat 26 Nov 18:05

London JW3     Tue 29 Nov  20.30

Hereford Courtyard          Thu 1 Dec 19:15


The French Film Festival is always happy to receive submissions to its programme. These can be shorts or feature length. The main language must be French.

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