Cézanne et moi (12)

cezanneSumptuous 19th-century period drama by Danièle Thompson (Orchestra Seats, Le Code a changé) which stars Guillaume Gallienne as post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne and Guillaume Canet as Émile Zola. Thompson’s sixth feature charts the decade-long friendship and eventual fallout between Cézanne, who was born into a wealthy family but struggled to make a living as a painter, and Zola, who came from a family of more straitened circumstances but achieved fame and prosperity as a politically-engaged novelist.

Cast Guillaume Gallienne, Guillaume Canet, Alice Pol, Déborah François, Sabine Azéma

Director Danièle Thompson I 2016 I 116 mins I UK distrib STUDIOCANAL

movie-logo gu-thompDaniele Thompson will appear at Cine Lumière.

Edinburgh Filmhouse           Fri 4 Nov 18:00 

Glasgow Film Theatre          Sat 5 Nov 18:10 

Ciné Lumière                         Sun 6 Nov 16:50 Guest

Station Cinema Richmond   Sun 6 Nov 19:00 & Thu 24 Nov 20:15

Heart of Hawick                   Thu 10 Nov 18:00

Hebden Bridge Picturehouse Sun 13 Nov 17:00

Warwick Arts Centre            Mon 14 Nov 18:15

Saffron Screen Saffron Walden Mon 14 Nov 20:00

Queen’s Film Theatre Belfast Mon 14 Nov 18:30

Belper Ritz Cinema              Thu 17 Nov 18:15

Inverness Eden Court           Thu 24 Nov 18:00

Manchester Home                Sat 26 Nov 18:00

Chichester Cinema at New Park Sat 26 Nov 18:00 & Sun 27 Nov 13:00

Hereford Courtyard              Wed 7 Dec 17:00  (new screening) & 19:15

Added Screenings

Hereford Courtyard

Wed 7 Dec 17:00 Cezanne et moi

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Sat 19 Nov 13:10. Cezanne et moi
Sun 20 Nov 13:10 Come What May/ En mai, fais ce qu’il te plait NEW SCREENING



The online brochure above is more up to date than your paper copy. For all up to the minute information about schedules, always check with your local cinema.
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Corrections from the printed brochure

The downloadable brochure above is up to date as of 1 November 2016.

Here are the corrections for those of you who picked up a paper brochure from your cinema:

p.28 & 49 Aberdeen Belmont Tour de France is at 20:00.

p 48 Filmhouse Tue 15 Nov 18:30 A Journey Through French Cinema / Voyage à travers le cinéma français + intro by Martine Pierquin.

p 50 Barbican Red Turtle Sun 20 Nov 14:00

p 23 & 51 Leeds Red Turtle starts at 15:45

p 39 & 47 Belmont Aberdeen has new screening of Le nouveau  on Wed 9 and Thu 17 Nov

p 47 & 49 Belmont Aberdeen Learn by Hert (schools) on Thu 10 Nov

p 14 & 50   JW3 Fanny’s journey is at 20:30 not 20:00 

p 12 & 51 Hereford Courtyard Cezanne et moi (new screening) Wed 7 Dec 17:00


Phantom Boy: credits should be:
Actors: Fred Armisen, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jared Padalecki, Marcus D'angelo, Dana Snyder, Melissa Disney

Directors Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli; Screenwriter Alain Gagnol


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