The First The last / Les Premiers les derniers (18)

thefirstElements of the Western and the gothic thriller unite in this darkly absurd foray set amidst the industrial ruins of a flatland vast enough to swallow men whole. Cochise and Gilou (director Bouli Lanners and Albert Dupontel), a pair of grizzled bounty hunters, have been hired by a wealthy stranger to obtain a phone that holds some critical information. The phone is in the possession of Esther and Willy, a homeless young couple. Whenever they turn the phone on, Cochise and Gilou can get a lead on their whereabouts. In this singular and deeply personal universe, everyone, including a craggy undertaker played by Max Von Sydow, seems uprooted, set adrift in his or her own way. Europa Cinemas Label winner Berlin Film Festival.

Cast Albert Dupontel, Bouli lanners, Suzanne clément, Michael Lonsdale, Max Von sydow and David murgia
Director Bouli Lanners I 2016 I 98mins I Int sales WildBunch

movie-logo gu-bouliBouli Lanners will be in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.

Ciné Lumière     Fri 4 Nov 18:30

Leeds International Film Festival     Mon 7 Nov 15:30, Wed 9 Nov 18:00 & Thu 10 Nov 21:00

Edinburgh Filmhouse     Thu 17 Nov 13:00 & 20:30 + Guest

Glasgow Film Theatre     Fri 18 Nov 18:10 + Guest

Dundee Contemporary Arts     Sat 19 Nov 18:00 + Guest


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