France Tour / Tour de France (15)

TOUR DE FRANCEFrench-Algerian director Rachid Djaïdani hopes to combat prejudice with laughs by pitting irritable Gérard Depardieu against Arab hip-hopper Sadek. With a baseball cap forever pinned down over his forehead, the 20-year-old Far’Hook (Sadek) is not really as tough as his lyrics and streetwise look make him out to be. He’s actually a smart and sensitive young artist. When he’s run out of Paris by a rival rapper Far’Hook takes to the road with his producer’s father, Serge (Depardieu), a cantankerous Sunday painter who’s decided to follow in the footsteps of 18th century landscape artist Claude-Joseph Vernet. The scene is set for an odd couple road movie.

Cast Gérard Depardieu, Louise Grinberg, Mabô Kouyaté, Nicolas Marétheu, Sadek

Director Rachid Djaïdani I 2016 I 95 mins I Int sales Cité Film

Station Cinema Richmond Mon 7 Nov 13:30, Wed 9 Nov 18:00, Fri 11 Nov 20:15, Tue 15 Nov 13:30, Tue 22 Nov 20:15, Tue 29 Nov 17:30

Ciné Lumière Fri 11 Nov 20:30

Warwick Arts Centre Wed 9 Nov 21:00

Chichester Cinema at New Park Tue 15 Nov 13:00 & Wed 16 Nov 17:45

Aberdeen Belmont Filmhouse Thu 24 Nov 17:50 + Guest (TBC)

Edinburgh Dominion Thu 1 Dec 18:00




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