Marius (12)

mariusMarcel Pagnol’s original play was a huge stage hit. With the arrival of sound, Pagnol seized the opportunity to adapt it to film. Marius, the first instalment of what would come to be known as The Marseille Trilogy, is set in the colourful Old Port of Marseille, where ordinary but lovable characters are coping with everyday problems. There’s Marius, a humble barkeeper who is torn between his wanderlust for exotic ports of call and his unspoken love for Fanny, the fishmonger’s beautiful daughter, who harbours a secret love of her own. The film poignantly explores the drama and humour inherent in the relationships of these unforgettable characters.
Cast Raimu, Pierre Fresnay, Orane Demazis, Fernand Charpin, Alida Rouffe, Paul Dullac, Alexandre Mihalesco
Director Alexander Korda I 1930 I 130 mins

Fanny (12)

fanny-pagnolMarc Allegret takes over the directorial duties for the luminous second instalment. This time around, Fanny has discovered she is pregnant with Marius’ child. Her mother, a fishmonger, wants to kick her out of the house for the shame she is bringing to the family. But good-hearted Panisse, who always wanted a child, happily agrees to marry her. Marius, unaware he is a father, returns to Marseille a year later to marry Fanny but is sent away by César, who fears his presence will cause Fanny more unhappiness.

Cast Raimu; Pierre Fresnay, Oriane Demazis, Charpin, Alida Rouffe

Director Marc Allégret I 1932 I 120 mins I Int sales cmF-mPc

César (12)

cesarPagnol directed the final film in his trilogy set 20 years after Marius. Panisse dies, but not before the priest tells him and Fanny that they should let their son know that Panisse is not his real father. After Fanny’s son learns the true identity of his father, secretly he sets out to find Marius, whom he learns from César operates a car garage in a nearby town. César was written directly as a screenplay for Pagnol to direct. Its popularity gave him the means to establish his own film production company.
Cast Raimu, Pierre Fresnay, Charpin, Orane Demazis, André Fouche, Alida Rouffe, Paul Dullac
Director Marcel Pagnol I 1936 I 117 mins

movie-logo gu-pagnolNicolas Pagnol will appear at Regent Street Cinema.

Hippodrome Bo’ness Marius Sun 6 Nov 13:00 Fanny Sun 13 Nov 13:00 César Sun 20 Nov 13:00

Dundee Contemporary Arts Marius Sun 6 Nov 15:00 Fanny Sun 13 Nov 13:00 César Sun 20 Nov 15:00

Queen’s Film Theatre Belfast Marius Sun 6 Nov 15:00 Fanny Sun 13 Nov 13:00 César Sun 20 Nov 15:00

London Regent Street Cinema Marius+Guest Sun 13 Nov 14:00 Fanny Mon 14 Nov 18:30 César Tue15 Nov 18:30

Edinburgh Dominion Marius Sun 4 Dec 18:00 + free glass of wine


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