La Grande Vadrouille (PG)

vadrouillePrior to the arrival of Titanic in 1997, La Grande Vadrouille had been France’s all-time box-office champion for three decades. In terms of French-language films, it was only displaced by Dany Boon’s Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis in 2008. Literally “The Great Stroll” deals with two ordinary Frenchmen helping the crew of a Royal Air Force bomber shot down over Paris make their way through German-occupied France to escape arrest. The ebullience of the comic performances is matched by Claude Renoir’s exuberant photography. The crew, Sir Reginald, Peter Cunningham and Alan MacIntosh, parachutes out over the city, where they run into and are hidden by a house painter, Augustin Bouvet (Bourvil), and the grumbling conductor of the Opéra National de Paris, Stanislas Lefort (Louis de Funès). Involuntarily, Lefort and Bouvet get themselves tangled up in the manhunt against the aviators led by Wehrmacht Major Achbach as they help the airmen to escape to the free zone with the help of Resistance fighters and sympathisers.

This 50th Anniversary reissue is being shown on a restored copy.

Cast Bourvil, Louis de Funès, Claudio Brook, Terry-Thomas
Director Gérard Oury I 1966 I 122 mins I Restored copy STUDIOCANAL

Edinburgh Filmhouse     Fri 4 Nov 15:15 + Guest (TBC)

Ciné Lumière      Sun 6 Nov 14:00 + Guest (TBC) & Thur 10 Nov 16.00

Glasgow Film Theatre      Thu 10 Nov 18:05

Chichester Cinema at New Park      Thu 17 Nov 18:00 & Fri 18 Nov 15:00

Nottingham Broadway Cinema      Sun 4 Dec 17:15


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