The Translators

Les Traducteurs (N/C 12+)

Dir Régis Roinsard

If you relished the twists and turns of Knives Out then Régis Roinsard (Populaire) has devised a fiendishly clever whodunnit with a fantastic all-star international cast in a similar vein. To ensure absolute secrecy for the global publication of a bestseller, nine skilled translators are invited to a remote location. They are given a number of pages to translate each day. There is no contact with the outside
world. Then the publisher receives a blackmail demand, threatening to release the manuscript online. Who is behind this and who is pulling the strings becomes the basis of a stylish, entertaining thriller.

Cast Alex Lawther, Olga Kurylenko, Riccardo Scamarcio, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Eduardo Noriega
Director Régis Roinsard | 2019 | France/Belgium | 120 min | Int sales Wild Bunch, UK

“A cleverly concocted crowd-pleaser.”

– Hollywood Reporter –



Aberdeen Belmont Filmhouse Wed. 11 Nov (13:00) & (19:00)
Edinburgh Filmhouse Wed 11 Nov (14:00) & (20:30) **Cinema Closure (see website for updates)
Glasgow Film Theatre Fri 13 Nov (check cinema website for updates)
  Sat 14 Nov (check cinema website for times)
Chichester Cinema at New Park Thu 10 Dec (20:45)
  Fri 11 Dec (14:15)