Shorts programme will be screened:

    Institut français d’Ecosse Tue 24 Nov 14.00 & 18.45 Introduced by programme curators Martine Pierquin & François Giraud 
  • fff @ home Monday 30 November 19:30
    indicates a Q & A on the online screening on 30 November on


A Sister /Une Soeur

A night. A car. A woman in trouble. A call. Oscar nomination for best live action short film.
Winner, Lacoste Audience Award, MyFrenchFilmFestival 2020.

Dir Delphine Girard I 2018 I Belgium I 17 mins I Agence belge du court-métrage

Q & A with Delphine Girard online

Good Ol’ Bernard /Mon p’tit Bernard

Just retired, Bernard now has only one obsession – winning the next racewalking event in his own region.
Official Selection, Alpe d’Huez Film Festival 2020.

Dirs Olivier Ducray, Wilfried Méance I 2020 I France I 11 mins I Hanna / Hilldale

Q & A with Olivier Ducray and Wilfried Méance online

Our Territory /Notre Territoire

When I got to Rignano, the shanty town residents said, “You mustn’t keep any trace of our lives here in these makeshift houses. This despair is not yours to display.” The misery in the shanty town is the first thing that struck me, the first thing I wanted to show.
Winner, Grand Prix, Festival International Signes de Nuit. Nominated for Best Documentary, Magritte Cinema Awards (Belgium) 2020.

Dir Matthieu Volpe I 2019 I Belgium I 21 mins I Luna Blue Films

Q & A with Mathieu Volpe online

Airhead! /Tête de linotte !

A child confronted with a maths problem and his own problems of concentration, accompanied by a mother who is slowly but surely losing patience. Animation. Student film.
Prix, l’extra courts métrages d’animation, Premiers Plans Angers 2020. Prix du Public Courts Métrage d’animation, Premiers Plans Angers 2020. Sélection Le Festival International du Film d’Animation de Bruxelles.

Dir Gaspar Chabaud I 2019 I Belgium I 6 mins I Adifac


Cannes 2018: An evocative glimpse into the world of Paul, a grandfather alone in his Provençal farmhouse. Against a backdrop of still shots, his observations range from the practicalities of everyday life to the family memories that keep him alive.
Documentary portrait.

Dir Marion Gaufroy I 2020 I France I 3 mins I Marion Gaufroy


Jakob, a humanoid robot, has just committed the first crime against a human being. He is destined to be destroyed, but a female lawyer tries to save him. Together, they have twelve hours to understand the murder. Twelve hours before the final verdict. Science fiction. Winner, Best Sci-Fi Film, Best Cinematography, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival 2015.
In collaboration with Edinburgh Short Film Festival

Dir Eymeric Jorat I 2015 I France I 16 mins I Eymeric Jorat

Q & A with Eymeric Jorat online

By a Hair /Pile Poil

It is three days till Élodie will be sitting her final exam to become a beauty therapist. Her father, Francis, a butcher, would prefer her to help more in his butcher’s shop.
Winner, Best Short Film, César French Cinema Awards 2020. Prix de la Press Internationale, MyFrenchFilmFestival.

Dirs Lauriane Escaffre, Yvonnick Muller I 2018 I France I 18 mins I Agence du court métrage

Blue Dog /Chien Bleu

Emile, Yoan’s father, is afraid to go out and paints everything blue. One night Yoan meets Soraya, who practises Tamil dance. They find a way to help Emile venture into the outside world.
Nominated for Best Short Film, César French Cinema Awards 2020.

Dirs Fanny Liatard, Jérémy Trouilh I 2018 I France I 17 mins I Hirvi Production

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