Felicità (N/C 15+)

Dir Bruno Merle


Told through the eyes of 11-year-old Tommy, Felicità is an endearing French comedy about the pre-teen, her eccentric mum, her fresh-out-of-jail dad and a road trip. Tommy (Rita Merle) and her loving yet unpredictable parents aren’t afraid to put their idiosyncrasies on display. As the summer holidays come to a close, Tommy doesn’t want to miss the first day of school (like last year) and can’t wait to show the mean girls that she’s grown. Only a stolen car, her mother’s disappearance and an astronaut stand in her way. Akin to the spirited energy of Little Miss Sunshine, Felicità is a charming look at family in all its kaleidoscopic glory.

Cast Pio Marmaï, Rita Merle, Camille Rutherford
Director Bruno Merle | 2020 | France | 81 mins | Int sales Charades

“A road trip similar to Captain Fantastic… a comedy about family.”

– Variety –


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