As a way of keeping our fingers on the pulse of new ways of making inroads to the world of cinema, the French Film Festival UK continues its collaboration with the Paris-based Mobile Film Festival to present a selection of short films from France and all around the world. They all last just one minute and were shot on mobile phones (or tablets).

The theme of this year’s 14th edition is human rights and has been organised in partnership with YouTube Creators for Change, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the European Union. It was part of the celebrations last year of the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

One title will screen before select features in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow and elsewhere.

263 /263
Millions of children do not have access to education. A heart-wrenching interaction between two children from different worlds. Director: Vinamra Pancharia India | 2019

Annisa, a Muslim teenager in an Islamic boarding school, is secretly attracted to her roommate. When her parents find out, they force her to marry, thinking it might make her normal. Winner of the Grand Prize International. Director: Barry Putra | Indonesia | 2019

 Arab of Controlled Origin/ A.O.C
What happens when a new law stating that a first name should not be an insult to the country is passed in France in the near future. Directors: Benjamin Lapierre, Alexandre Gaudou | France | 2019

Article 1 
Girls in a class at school challenge the definition of “man-kind”. Director: Pascal Jousse | Morocco | 2018

Bamboo / Bambù
No one can violate the Fundamental Rights of a Bamboo. Nature protects them. A one hundred-year-old old bamboo plant tells his story and shows how Nature has protected and guaranteed his freedom. Directors: Costanza Fraia, Davide Germano Italy | 2019

 Children of Moria
Moria Refugee Camp is Hell. Even one day inside Moria is one day too many. There is no safety, and every day thousands of children face situations where they are not safe, which seriously affect their well-being. No one, especially a child, should have to live like this. Director: Javad Mousavie | Greece | 2019

Cycle / Cycle When you are living in poverty, even a missing sock can rob you of your dignity. Winner of the Grand Prize Europe. Director: Bálint Klopfstein-László Hungary | 2019

Enjoy Your Meal / Bon appétit
In a kitchen a very special meal is being prepared. Director: Saman Haghighivand Iran | 2019

Half-way /À mi-chemin A day in the life of a wheelchair-bound man trying to get around in the 11th district of Paris. Director: Lucie Bourdeu France | 2019

How to Clean a Window with Newspaper
A man is trying to clean a window with scrunched up newspaper but as he cleans, he notices blood stains appear on the glass. Directors: Kiarash Ardeshirpour, Amirhasan Nofely | Iran | 2019

Siri calls 911 and explains the difficult situation in which the Siri owner finds herself. The officer asks Siri to turn on the mobile microphone and camera to see if he can intervene. Winner of the Best Director Award. Director: Hamidzak | Iran | 2019

I Am Not Afraid / Je n’ai pas peur
A child describes her journey to the Mediterranean, the last step before freedom. Winner of the Grand Prize France. Directors: Gohu & Merick | France | 2019

I Just Need Love  
A lonely transvestite struggles through life and tries to be accepted as he is. But suicide seems like the brightest option. Director: Jake J Meniani | UK | 2019

I Was 9 Years Old / J’avais 9 ans
I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was the eldest. When I was 9, I was subjected to FGM. They rounded up a group of us. Winner of the Coup de Coeur Jury Prize. Director: Mattéo Dugast | France | 2019

A Lonely Child/ Un enfant seul
Karim is a nine-year-old orphan who doesn’t go to school, but spends his days going through rubbish to find metals which he can sell to feed himself. At night, he finds shelter where he can. Director: Philippe Kamano Guinea | 2019

Love is Love 
One afternoon, Viola, a cheerful six-yearold girl, is in the park with her father. She has just lost her baby teeth and she already has her own vision of the world, one that is the opposite of her father’s take on a society that justifies violence and demonises homosexual love. Director: Alessia Pischedda | Italy | 2019

Maiden / Maiden
A wedding ceremony is about to take place, but where is the bride? Winner of the Screenplay Award. Directors: Fatemeh Saeedi, Saeed Aghakhani | Iran | 2019

Maybe Tomorrow/ Demain Peut-être
One morning, a 23-year-old woman is trying on different outfits. She hesitates about which one to choose, fearing harassment or assaults when she goes out. Between each outfit, she imagines a potential scenario. Winner of the Award for Best Actress. Director: Nicolas Khamsopha | France | 2019

Using slam poetry, Mira tells us his story of exile and his passion for music. On his journey to France he finds a long cable and begins to pull on it… Winner of the Award for Best Actor. Director: Argonaute | France | 2019

The Monologue/La tirade
This time, he doesn’t ignore the usual racist insult, but launches into a monologue on the predictability of the language used to insult him. Director: Florent Sabatier | France | 2019

My Name Is Carla / Je m’appelle Carla
Last year, Benjamin had sex reassignment surgery. Today, there is only one thing left before he can finally become Carla, the woman he has always been. Director: Siham Hinawi | Belgium | 2019

My Story: Paul / My Story: Paul
Seventeen-year-old Paul is from the Dunoon Township in Cape Town, South-Africa. Every day his journey to school takes an hour and a half each way. He doesn’t mind. Director: Jamillah Van Der Hulst Netherlands | 2019

No Legal Value / Aucune valeur juridique
Abdoulaye is about to go back to court where the judges will decide on his fate. Can he stay in France? Live in safety and start a family? This is a time for efficiency. Will Abdoulaye or Justice be the smartest and most inventive? Director: Alexiane Torres, Jackee Toto France | 2019

Prince Charming/ Le prince charmant
Is Prince Charming really so charming? Director: Maxime Chefdeville | France | 2019

PulpFiction /Pulpefiction
Which luscious candidate will win the beauty contest? With tongue in cheek, Pulp Fiction calls to mind the importance and beauty of the right to be different. Director: Janek Tarkowski | France | 2019

Root /Root
Millions of Rohingya people escaped Myanmar, Burma, to go to Bangladesh as refugees. Root portrays a Rohingya child who is admitted into a Bangladeshi school. Director: M H M Mubassir | Bangladesh | 2019

Secured by Design / Secured by Design
Security control is part of London’s urban landscape. The city has one of the highest densities of government surveillance cameras in the world. Surveillance cameras spy on an average Londoner around 300 times per day. Director: Mike Faulkner, Matthias Kispert UK | 2019

Silence Is Deadly / Silence Is Deadly
When fighting might cost you your life, only the words of others can save you. This is what this gay young man is about to learn. Winner of the Audience Award. Director: Brice Veneziano | France | 2019

They’re Killing Us / Nos Estan Matando
The fate of six Mexican women who were murdered. Director: Carla Castellanos | Mexico | 2019 

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