Glasgow Film Theatre
Fri 1 Nov


Nicolas Pariser (Paris, 1974) is an actor, writer, and director. He has directed the short films Le jour où Ségolène a gagné (2008), La République (2010) and Agit Pop (2013). In 2015 he made his feature directorial debut with the political thriller Le grand jeu (The Great Game), which competed at the Locarno Film Festival. His second film, Alice et le maire (Alice and the Mayor), received the Europa Cinemas Label Award in the Directors’ Fortnight at the 2019 Cannes Festival and was also screened at the San Sebastien Film Festival among others.

Nicolas Pariser will talk about Alice and the Mayor at Glasgow Film Theatre on 1 Nov at 20.00


Edinburgh Filmhouse
Thur 21 Nov 20.50



Antoine Raimbault is a French writer and director, known for his short films 24/24 (2001) and Good Dog (2003) as well as his debut feature Conviction (2018). Preoccupied with the workings of justice, Raimbault echoes his short Vos violences (2014) in his latest film which is based on a real-life case,. The courtroom thriller brings together a man accused of killing his wife and a woman obsessed with proving his innocence.

“First-time director Antoine Raimbault has… crafted a nail-biter of a courthouse thriller.”—Variety

Antoine Raimbault will appear for an introduction and Q&A for Conviction at Edinburgh Filmhouse on 21 November 20.50
 French Institute on Monday 25 November at 18:30


At only 15 years of age Nathan Ambrosioni directed his first short film The Lake,  a ‘ slasher’ movie in the pure tradition. He completed his first feature film Paper Flags at 18.

He will present his film at Edinburgh French Institute on Monday 25 November at 18:30

 London Ciné Lumière on 15 Nov at 18.30


Callisto McNulty is an author, director and translator, born in 1990 in Paris. She is a graduate of Central Saint Martins and Goldsmiths university in London. Her research in the fields of feminist and cultural studies and the visual arts takes the shape of film and editorial projects. She has directed and co-written Delphine and Carole, an archival documentary film about the 1970s period of “enchanted feminism”, in contention as part of the European Film Awards. She has also written and realised, with Anne Destival, Éric’s Tape (2017, with Eric Bauer, William Furlong and Colette Lumière), a filmed investigation around a mysterious “Audio Arts” cassette, featuring an almost inaudible conversation between Andy Warhol and several other characters whose identity is initially unknown.

She will present Delphine and Carole at London Ciné Lumière on 15 Nov 18.30


London Ciné Lumière on 9 Nov at 19.30 

Edinburgh Filmhouse on 10 Nov at 18.00 


A significant figure in contemporary cinema, Joachim Lafosse’s reputation is growing from film to film, as shown by the national and international acclaim for After Love, selected for the Directors’ Fortnight and Our Children, selected for Un Certain Regard, where Émilie Dequenne won the Best Actress award. Keen on strong subjects, his filmography is marked by monstrous characters whose motivations he tries to understand for, as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He graduated from the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IDA) in Louvain-La-Neuve with his short Tribu (2001). He has written screenplays and theatre pieces and has worked as assistant director on multiple films. Lafosse’s latest project is an adaptation of Continuer / Keep Going, a novel by Laurent Mauvignier, with Virginie Efira which brings him to the Festival.

Joachim Lafosse will be present at screenings on 9 Nov 19.30 London Ciné Lumière; 10 Nov 18.00 Edinburgh Filmhouse

Ciné Lumière on Sunday 10 November at 19:00


After many years at a Casting Director, Stephane Batut directs his first feature film. It first screened in Cannes this year and was the recipient of the prestigious Prix Jean Vigo.

He will be a the screening at Ciné Lumière on Sunday 10 November at 19:00


London Ciné Lumière on Wednesday 13 Nov at 20:30


After many years at an assistant director, Petit directed his first feature in 2015. Discount was hailed as ‘une comédie à la Ken Loach’. Invisibles is his 3rd feature.

He will present the film at London Ciné Lumière on Wednesday 13 Nov at 20:30. He will be accompanied by Marianne Garcia who plays ‘Lady Di’ in the film.

London Ciné Lumière on 15 Nov at 20.30 


French writer and director Cedric Klapisch is known for making films that explore the ways in which individuals exist in relation to a group of people, whether that group be a family or the denizens of an urban neighbourhood. Two of Klapisch’s most successful films, Chacun Cherche Son Chat and Un Air de Famille, impressed critics and audiences with their humorous, warm-hearted interpretations of this kind of relationship, and they helped establish their director as a man with considerable talent for capturing the nuances and flow of human interaction. One of his biggest hits was L’Auberge espanol (Pot Luck) and its two sequels. Influenced by the films of Martin Scorsese, John Cassavetes, and Woody Allen, Klapisch studied film at NYU, which he attended from 1982 until 1985. In his new film Someone, Somewhere he returns to shoot in Paris.

He will appear in person on 15 Nov 20.30 at London Ciné Lumière.

Ciné Lumière on Thursday 7 Nov at 18:30


Rémi Bezançon studied at the film school École Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle (ESRA) in Paris and the École du Louvre. He made his first short film Little Italie in 1997. Made in 2008, his second feature film Le Premier Jour du reste de ta vie, was a huge box office success and was nominated for two César Awards (the French Oscars). Zarafa (2012) marked his first animated project. In 2015 he made his fifth feature in ten years Nos futurs with Pierre Rochefort and Pio Marmai.

He attends the festival to present The Mystery of Henri Pick, adapted from the novel by David Foenkinos at Ciné Lumière on Thursday 7 Nov at 18:30

Aberdeen Belmont Filmhouse on 6 Nov 20.15

Edinburgh Filmhouse on 7 Nov 20.30



Éric Berger was born on 13 June, 1969 in Amiens, France. He has pursued an extensive career in cinema, theatre and television but remains best known by many as the hapless Tanguy (2001) and its sequel Tanguy is Back, which brings him on a return visit to the Festival. In making the sequel after 18 years from the original he suggests that he was simply picking up where he left off as the off-spring who would not leave the nest. It was the same with his co-stars and “parents” André Dussolier and Sabien Azéma who required no re-introduction to their “son.” He was astonished when director Etienne Chatiliez suggested revisiting the character. “It came completely out of the blue,” he has said. “Once I knew that Sabine and André were on board it took me 30 seconds to say ‘Yes!’”

Personal appearance at Aberdeen Belmont Filmhouse on 6 Nov 20.15 and Edinburgh Filmhouse on 7 Nov 20.30

Regent Street Cinema on Saturday 7 Dec at 16:00


François Armanet, born in 1951 in Fontenay-sous-Bois is a French journalist and director. A contributor to Libération since 1981, and chief editor from 1998–2002, and to Le Nouvel Observateur (1989–1998 and 2002–2019), he is also the author of the first encyclopedia of kung-fu movies (Ciné King Fu (1988) with Max Armanet) and organiser of the first two retrospectives that La Cinémathèque Française devoted to Hong Kong cinema (1990, 1997). Among other films, he has written and directed La Bande du drugstore (2002) that screened at Berlin Film Festival. His documentary Oh les filles ! (2019) was presented at Cannes Film Festival and screened on the beach as part of Cinéma de la Plage.

François Armanet will present Oh les filles! at Regent Street Cinema on Saturday 7 Dec at 16:00

NANA Cine Concert 

Regent Street Cinema on Sunday 8 December at 14:00

More details on the Prima Vista Quartet here



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