When Margaux Meets Margaux / La Belle et la Belle (N/C15+)

Writer-director Sophie Fillières has a knack for making off-kilter drama/comedies about women under the influence, with films such as Good Girl, Pardon My French and If You Don’t, I Will showing them in various states of hilarity, disarray and despair. Her latest When Margaux Meets Margaux, portrays not one but two such characters — who also happen to be the same person. The winning duo of Sandrine Kiberlain and Agathe Bonitzer take up the challenge of playing a woman at two stages in her life: one as she enters adulthood, the other as she reaches middle age. Alongside the two strong leads, Melvil Poupaud plays Marc — an ex-boyfriend who pops back into the picture. 


Cast Sandrine Kiberlain, Agathe Bonitzer, Melvil Poupaud    

Director Sophie Fillières | 2018 | France | 95 mins | UK distributor Swipe

With her warm demeanour and sharp comic instincts, Sandrine Kiberlain is perfect for the part … – Hollywood Reporter    


Stirling Macrobert Arts Centre                         Thu 21 Nov 19:30 

Birmingham Midlands Arts Centre                    Wed 4 Dec 18:00 

 Ipswich Film Theatre                                        Wed 4 Dec (check website for times)

Edinburgh The Scotsman Picturehouse            Sun 8 Dec 16:15 

 St Andrew The Byre                                         Thu 12 Dec 13:00



Below are changes from the printed brochure.
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TYNESIDECINEMA: Young Ahmed is now on Mon 2 December and not Mon 9 Dec as adverstised in our brochure.


As a result of the French National Strike from 5 Dec

François Armanet (Oh les Filles!)

and The Primavista Quartet (Nana)

are unable to appear in person for their screenings.
The screenings will still go ahead as billed at the Regent Street Cinema.
Oh les Filles Sat 7 Dec 16:00
Nana Sun 8 Dec 14:00

Glasgow Grosvenor time changes
A Faithful Man Mon 25 Nov 13:05
Just a Breath Away  Tues 26 Nov 11:20
The following do not screen at Heart of Hawick:
Just a Breath Away
To The Four Winds
When Margaux Meets Margaux
I Lost my Body has been withdrawn in Sheffield, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee.
Check out on Timetables for replacements

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