Someone, Somewhere / Deux moi (N/C 15+)

Written by the director Cédric Klapisch and his faithful co-writer Santiago Amigorena, the screenplay centres on Rémy and Mélanie, two 30-year-olds who live in the same neighbourhood in Paris. She goes on hopeless date after hopeless date via social media accounts while he struggles to meet anyone at all. Both are victims of big city isolation, at a super-connected time, when meeting people should be simpler… Two individuals, two journeys. Without knowing it, they take two roads that will lead them in the same direction… but will it all end in love? The cast of Cédric Klapisch’s romantic comedy include Ana Girardot and François Civil who were already on the bill of the director’s previous film, Back to Burgundy. Also featured are Camille Cottin, François Berléand and Simon Abkarian. The film is in the fine tradition of Klapisch’s relationship studies, including the trilogy L’auberge espanole (Pot Luck), Russian Dolls, and Chinese Puzzle, as well as Le péril jeune and Un air de famille. The Festival has followed his career from his first film Riens du tout onwards.

Cast Ana Girardot, François Civil, Camille Cottin, François Berléand, Eye Haïdara, Pierre Niney, Simon Abkarian.

Dir Cédric Klapisch | 2019 | France | 109 mins |Int Sales Studiocanal

Paris takes centre stage – Klapisch films cities as if they were characters. Funny, sweet and tender. – Focus Cinema


Plymouth Arts Cinema            Wed 13 Nov 18:00 

London Ciné Lumière     Fri 15 Nov 20:30 (+ guest Cédric Klapisch)  
Cédric Klapish will present Someone, Somewhere at the Ciné Lumière on Friday 15 November at 20:30      

Edinburgh Filmhouse             Sat 16 Nov 17:30   

Aberdeen Belmont                 Mon 18 Nov 18:00




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