Summerhall Edinburgh 
Sun 24 November 17:00

In conversation with the audience will be

Valerie Leroy for short film  Let Me Dance /Laissez-moi danser


Nathan Ambrosioni

(Nathan will present his feature film PAPER FLAGS on Monday 25 November at Institut Français d’Ecosse (click here).


Short Film Programme for Sunday 24 November

Let Me Dance /Laissez-moi danser

Fifty-five-year-old Mylène is a cleaning woman on a ferry. This evening, her colleagues have organised a surprise birthday party for her. But on the gift voucher Mylène reads another name, a name from the past she never wants to see again. Who has wanted to betray her? Against the noise of the party, where these exploited women are also beginning to demand their rights, Mylène decides she must investigate…

Nominated for a César for best short film.
Dir Valérie Leroy I 2017 I France I 16 mins Executive Producer Fabrice Préel-Cléach I Int sales Manifest

Nefta Football Club

In a Tunisian village, some children are playing football on waste ground. Meanwhile two young brothers, Abdullah and Mohammed, find a lost donkey with headphones in the middle of the desert near the border with Algeria.
Winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Festival International du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand.

Dir Yves Piat I 2019 I France I 17 mins Executive Producers Riadh Thabet, Selma Thabet I Int sales L’agence du court métrage

Not Today

Granny is a nice little old lady who is sad because no-one has visited her for a long time, so when the Death rings her doorbell, she decides to make the most of it. Animated film/no dialogues.

Dir Marine Jacob I 2018 I Belgium I 5 mins Executive Producer l’Atelier de Production de La Cambre Int salesWallonie Bruxelles Images

La Persistente

A ski resort, somewhere in the French Pyrenees. Ivan lives solely for his motorcycle – the feeling, loving, living La Persistente. When a local rival tears her away from him, Ivan’s obsession becomes to win her back…
Cast Harold Torres, Angelina Woreth, Julien Drion
Dir Camille Lugan I 2018 I France I 22 mins
Producers Jérome Barthèlemy, Daniel Sauvage
Int sales L’agence du Court-Métrage

Sweet Night / Nuit chérie

A bear cannot fall asleep to hibernate and his eyes stay wide open. But he then discovers the amazing nocturnal world all around him.
Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize for best short film at the Quebec City International Film Festival 2019. Animated film.
Dir Lia Bertels I 2018 I Belgium I 14 mins 
Producers Thierry Zamparutti, Serge Kestermont
Int salesWallonie Bruxelles Images

Toward Silence /Vers le silence

Following the release of his full-length documentary The Opera in April 2017, Director Jean-Stéphane Bron filmed Philippe Jordan, Director of the Paris Opera, and the Paris Opera Orchestra during rehearsals for Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 9, The interpretation is based, paradoxically, on silence.
Cast Philippe Jordan
Dir Jean-Stéphane Bron I 2018 I France I 9 mins
Production Les Films, Op.ra national de Paris
Int sales L’Agence du Court Métrage / Les Films

The Villa / Les Gracieuses

A real estate agent, who is lone parent on the verge of a breakdown, is showing her top villa to a Russian client who sources properties for billionaires. Both women need to conclude a deal, even though they don’t speak the same language and then also find a corpse in a cupboard.
Cast Joséphine Drai, Adrianna Gradziel
Dir Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud I 2017 I France I 18 mins
Producer Ga.lle Mareschi
Int sales Ouat Media

Dominion Edinburgh
Monday 2 December

(screening with Just Retired)

In conversation with the audience will be
Fabrice Bracq (director)
Omar Mebrouk (main actor)

Short Film Programme for Monday 2 December
/ screening with Just Retired /

Burqa City

in the presence of director Fabrice Braq and actor Omar Mebrouk.

Souleymane and Leila have just got married, for better or for worse. The better is that they love each other very much. The worse is that they are forced to live by societal standards.

Cast Omar Mebrouk (+ personal appearance), Chadia Amajod, Malika Alaoui, Jalal Altawil
Dir Fabrice Bracq I 2019 I France I 20 mins
Int sales Offshore

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