I Lost My Body/ J’ai perdu mon corps (N/C 15+)

In an eerie Parisian hospital, a disembodied hand inexplicably begins to move. Scurrying out into the bustling streets of the capital, the macabre manus begins a perilous quest to be reunited with the body it was separated from. Meanwhile, in another part of the city, lonely pizza delivery boy Naoufel still grieves for the tragic loss of his parents when he was a child. One rainy night, he fleetingly encounters a young woman named Gabrielle. Sensing a connection, Naoufel embarks on his own mission to track her down. While its morbid starting point suggests a modern-day The Beast with Five Fingers, Jérémy Clapin’s beautifully realised curio is not out to scare. Instead, this elegiac coming-of-age tale offers a wildly ambitious, profoundly moving meditation on grief, destiny and the eternal search for belonging.

Cast Hakim Faris, Victoire du Bois, Patrick Dassumçao

Dir Jérémy Clapin | 2019 | France | 81 mins | UK Distrib Netflix / Altitude

One of the strangest ideas ever committed to animation…..ultimately proves to be one of the medium’s most profound offerings. – Screen 


Glasgow Film Theatre                 Friday 1 November 13:00 & 18:00

Edinburgh Filmhouse                         Thu 14 Nov 15:30 & 20:45 

 Aberdeen Belmont                            Thu 14 Nov 18:30

Dundee DCA                                       Thu 05 Dec 18:00 

Sheffield Showroom Workstation       Tue 10 Dec 18:00 




TEAM WORK: Interns from all over Europe and staff of the French Film Festival UK celebrate the conclusion of another successful edition. Applications are sought now for this year’s edition.

Although the Government has given assurances that the Erasmus scheme will be protected after the transition period many potential candidates are not convinced by all the uncertainty surrounding this and other issues. The French Film Festival UK has benefited enormously over the years by the participation of Erasmus and other European students as part of internship programme.
This year inquiries from potential candidates has practically dried up as a result of the fall-out from the UK’s departure from the EU. Nothing changes during the transition period until the end of the year so anyone seeking an internship this year (and beyond) is welcome to apply.
You will be mentored in skills associated with cultural management, film exhibition and distribution, copy editing, advertising and media liaison.

We suit roles to match your skills in such areas as hospitality, logistics, guest liaison, and coordination.
If you are a team player then reply to: volunteers@frenchfilmfestival.org.uk

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