Dilili in Paris | Dilili à Paris (N/C PG+) 

Michel Ocelot’s Dilili in Paris places a lovely, articulate, Black girl at the centre of the storyline and creates a beautifully animated film. He takes viewers on a rich journey that gives a comprehensive glimpse into French cultural history during the era of La Belle Epoque. Dilili, a pretty, young Kanak French girl accompanied by Orel, a delivery boy, gets caught up in a mysterious plot — that allows Dilili to see the beauty of Paris during one of its finest times of artistic, literary and musical enlightenment. From Colette to Marie Curie, Gustave Eiffel to Sarah Bernhardt, Zola to Camille Claudel, and so many more, Dilili in all her beauty and grit is warmly embraced by some of the greatest minds, leading inventors and artists of this epic time of Parisian history. While the film is very child-friendly, it is truly sophisticated enough for astute adults who can appreciate the beauty, art, and literature of this time.

Winner of a César for Best Animated Feature.

Voice Cast: Prunelle Charles-Ambron, Enzo Ratsito, Natalie Dessay Dir Michel Ocelot | 2018 | France | 95 mins | Int sales Wild Bunch

Michel Ocelot offers a pleasantly meaningful journey through French cultural history … – Hollywood Reporter


London Ciné Lumière        Sun 17 Nov 11:00

Edinburgh Dominion          Wed 4 Dec 18.00

Lewes Depot                      Mon 30 Dec 10:45 & 11:15



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