One Mobile, one Minute, one Film

As a way of keeping our fingers on the pulse of new ways of making inroads to the world of cinema the French Film Festival UK has teamed up with the Paris-based Mobile Film Festival to present a selection of French-language contenders from this year’s crop. They all last one-minute, cover myriad subjects and themes – and were shot on mobile phones (or tablets).
One title will screen before select features in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Dirt Cheap/A vil prix
Somewhere on Earth, a young African named Kabaye is sold at auction. The bidding begins at 1,300 dinars, but the price decreases until it reaches 0 dinars. Kabaye is sold dirt cheap.

Director: Sheriya Twana Democratic Republic of Congo | 2018

Church is at 15.30 / L’Eglise est à 15H30
Mehdi is late. The church gathering is scheduled at 3:30 pm. His mother is helping him clean up his suit. He rehearses his speech. Today is a big day for his childhood friend Max and his wife Juliette.
Director: Thierry Rousset | France | 2018

Forget about Your Troubles / Oubliez tous vos soucis

Two brothers have discovered a garden of Eden. But this out-of-time place can’t last forever… And time in paradise is counted…
Director: Anatole Levilain-Clément France | 2018

Hello / Allo
Just an ordinary evening… or is it?
Director: Sheriya Twana | France | 2018
Awakening / L’Eveil

Is it wise to listen to other people?
Or is it better to follow your instincts?
Director: Bahi Ben Hamani
France | 2018

Suicidal Racketeering / Racket Suicidaire

A woman gets harassed in difficult circumstances.

Director: Raphaël Ballieu | France | 2018

Gourmet Coffee / Café Gourmand

“Reality is only a viewpoint” – Philip K. Dick’s quote is the starting point.
Directors: Arthur du Mesnil, Hilaire Perthuis &Antoine Salvage | France | 2018

The Honour / L’Honneur

A man takes a hammer and… find out what happens.

Director: Pierre Folliot | France | 2018

Steak & Fries / Steak Frites
What could be better than fries and steak? Director: Olivier Riche | France | 2018

Nightmare / Cauchemar

Two people are in the woods for a secret mission. They are taking pictures of this dubious environment. Suddenly some strangers start shooting at them to get their camera. They flee.

Director: Abbes Aidel | Algeria | 2018


Marlotte disappeared … and now pick up the traces.
Directors: Zouheïr Zerhouni & Claire Chust France | 2018

On the Edge/Sur le fil
Julie explains her vision of truth and balance inside a couple.

Director: Marc Ory | France | 2018

Rifle in Hand and Smokescreen / Fusil en main et poudre aux yeux

In wartime, a general tries to find the right words to arouse his soldiers’ motivation. Same thing on the other side.
Director: Simon Leclercq
France | 2018

Walls Words / Maux au mur
Some old man decides to remove all the dirt from a wall. And he forbids anyone to pee on it…

Director: MhôDiaby | IvoryCoast | 2018

Eating Disorder / T.A.C
A journey inside an anorexic’s head. Director: Claire Morin | France | 2018

The Devil’s Bridge /
Le Pont du Diable
The Devil has suggested helping villagers build a bridge to reach the other side of the river. And they promised to offer him the first soul to cross the bridge…

Director: Constance Gloaguen France | 2018

Memory of Our Peers / Memoire de nos pairs
A young girl returns to the place where her life slipped up two years ago.
Director: Brice Veneziano
France | 2018

A Friend Who Wishes You Well / Un ami qui vous veut du bien
Why did Sophie never update her mobile? And why did she date Antoine?

Director: Raphaël Daniel | France | 2018

Hostage / Otage

A man has taken an unfortunate woman hostage. A policeman is desperately trying to deal with the situation…
Director: David Losier | Canada | 2018

Come Dine With Me…Or Not / Un dîner presque pas fait

A couple invite some friends for dinner. But what should they bring with them?

Directors: Cédric Chemir & Ludovic Claire France | 2018



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