Edinburgh Summerhall |  Sun 25 Nov 17.00 + guests

Glasgow Andrew Stewart Cinema | Mon 26 Nov 18.00 + guests

Edinburgh Queen Margaret University |  Tue 27 Nov 13.15 + workshop + guests (invitation only)

With my own Two Hands / Deux Mains

Vanessa is in love with Rémi. Rémi is in love with Vanessa. The only damper: his bread won’t rise.

Dir Michael Barocas | 2018 | France | 3 mins | Réacteurprod


The Winkles / Les Bigorneaux

At Brignogan-Plages, thirty-year-old Zoé works at “The Winkles” bar with her father, Guy. Barmaid and boss combined, she is exhausted by having to be responsible for everything, supporting Guy since her mother’s premature death. One morning, Zoé starts suffering from dizzy spells and nausea, which upset her daily routine. She fears that she might be pregnant, but her gynaecologist informs her that she is suffering from something entirely different. 

Dir Alice Vial | 2017 | France | 24 mins | Executive Producer Les Films du Cygne 


Wake Up Kinshasa! / Debout Kinshasa !

No polished shoes, no school! Ten-year-old Samuel is about to discover how to muddle through in beautiful Kin(shasa). 

Dir Sébastien Maître | 2016 | France, Ivory Coast | 21 mins | Executive Producer La Ruche Productions  


Garden Party

In a deserted rich house, a couple of amphibians explore their surroundings and follow their primal instincts.

Dir Florian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire, Théophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro | 2017 | France | 7 mins | Executive Producer MOPA – L’École de la 3D 



Félix, Ana and Seydoux live in the same social housing without knowing each other. The three characters seem linked by one and only element: the building’s dilapidated elevator, an infernal machine leading them to an inescapable tragic destiny.  

Dir Zoel Aeschbacher | 2017 | Switzerland | 20 mins | Production Salaud Morisset   


The Geneva Convention / La Convention de Genève

Just when he is about to take the bus home after his day at high school, Hakin is caught up in a settling of scores between a group of teenagers. The prospect of a fight holds absolutely no appeal for him, but can he avoid the confrontation?  

Dir Benoît Martin | 2016 | France | 14 mins | Executive Producer Année Zéro 



Nils has just bought a “recamier” couch. He is so proud of this antique piece of furniture that he invites Pierre and his wife, Anaïs, to show off his new acquisition.

Dir Jean Chaffard-Luçon I 2018 I France I 15 mins
Jean Chaffard-Luçon et Les Ateliers du Cinéma


The Death, Dad & Son / La Mort, Père & Fils

Death’s son doesn’t want to take over the family business. His secret desire to become a guardian angel triggers a series of major mishaps. His dad will have to intervene to get him out of this mess. 

Dir Winshluss, Denis Walgenwitz | 2017 | France | 13 mins | Executive Producer Je Suis Bien Content 




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