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In his first feature director Emmanuel Courcol convincingly creates the psychological and physical horrors of the First World War. Inspired by the experiences of his own grandfather, Courcol retells the aftermath through the life of a family touched by the horrors and sacrifices of the war. As much an adventure film as a family drama, Ceasefire successfully paints a portrait of France after the First World War and explores the national mood in the early 1920s. Duris plays Georges, a hero of the conflict who is running away from his past. He has been living a nomad and adventurous life in Africa for four years when he decides to come back to France. He is reunited with his mother and his brother Marcel. Having a hard time finding his place in post-war society where life has gone on without him, Georges makes the acquaintance of Hélène, a teacher, with whom he begins a tumultuous relationship and at the same time attempts to heal his family’s wounds and his own. 


Cast Romain Duris, Céline Sallette, Grégory Gadebois, Julie-Marie Parmentier

Director Emmanuel Courcol | 2016 | France | 103 mins

A gripping and personal first feature Variety


London Ciné Lumière | Sunday 11th November 19:00

London Watermans | Sunday 11th November 19:00

Chichester Cinema at New Park | Sunday 11th November 17:45

Kirkwall Phoenix | Sunday 11th November 15:30

Glasgow Alliance | Thursday 22nd November 18:30

Edinburgh Dominion | Monday 3rd December 18:00





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