In this courtroom drama Brigitte Bardot surpassed her amazing work with the likes of Jean-Luc Godard and Roger Vadim in a scorching portrait of amour fou. She stars as Dominique, a hedonistic free spirit on trial for the murder of her lover, musician Sami Frey. Clouzot breaks ground in his fearless look at private insecurities, revealing what supposedly constitutes a “sordid” lifestyle, and why it is so threatening to bourgeois society. Co-written by Clouzot and his wife, Véra (star of Diabolique). Winner of the 1961 Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film while Clouzot received a best director nomination in the Oscars. The film was a box office triumph, perhaps partly as a result of such headline incidents as Bardot’s suicide attempt just a few weeks before the film’s release. Restored original version. 


Cast Brigitte Bardot, Charles Vanel, Sami Frey, Marie-José Nat, Charles

Director Henri-Georges Clouzot | 1960 | France | 127 mins

UK distributor Park Circus

Bardot shines most brightly – the emotional power of her performance totally eclipses all of her other work – Films de France


Leicester Phoenix | Thursday 8th November 20:15

London Ciné Lumière | Friday 9th November 16:00

Edinburgh Filmhouse | Sunday 18th November 13:00 + introduction by Martine Pierquin

Glasgow The Grosvenor | Sunday 25th November 14:30

Chichester Cinema at New Park | Tuesday 4th December 18:00




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